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Kampus Sarawak

In line with the government’s emphasis to enhance the delivery system, INTAN Sarawak will strive to create this awareness through provisions of quality courses and seminars. These efforts include conducting workshops and courses such as MS ISO Implementation; MS ISO Internal Audit and Quality Control Circle; Courteous Customer Service; Benchmarking; Negotiation Skills; and Desk File & Work Procedure Manual. Courses offered meant for the Professional group as well as Support group, especially for the front liners.

In addition, priorities will continue to be accorded to courses on self-development and attitude building especially among the Support Group. This effort includes conducting courses such as Motivation and Self Development, Counselling in Public Service, Excellent Drivers and Team Building. In the areas of leadership & management, INTAN Sarawak will offer courses on Leadership and Supervision, Strategic Management, Time Management, Change Management, and Social Ethics and Protocol. The main objective is to strengthen leadership and management skills of officers in the Management and Professional group.

INTAN Sarawak also will put effort to inculcate positive values of accountability and integrity among civil servants especially for those who are involved directly with financial matters. Finance related courses planned throughout the year include Store Management, Procurement Procedure, Trust Account Management, Losses, Disposal & Write-off, and Government Accounting & Finance Management. We hope that these courses will help the relevant government agencies to reduce audit queries and improve their competency in financial management in the near future.

In addition, more than 20 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) courses will be offered to civil servants of different grades year by year. The courses are Electronic Government; Word Processing; Spreadsheet and Effective Presentation. Priority will be given to the Management and Professional group in advanced ICT courses such as Spreadsheet, Word Processing and Effective Presentation. Through these courses, we hope that participants will be able to improve their skills and fully utilize ICT facilities in their respective department for the purpose of analyzing, planning and decision making.

In our effort to provide the best services, continuous effort is being carried out to upgrade INTAN Sarawak’s internal capacity. At the same time, external facilitators and trainers will be engaged in some of our courses to ensure that course participants will acquire the latest knowledge. In this regards, we hope that Department Heads will be able to identify and propose suitable candidates for the courses offered.

Lastly, on behalf of INTAN Sarawak, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support rendered to us all this while. We hope that the quality of services provided in all Government Department will improve throughout the year, in aspects of efficiency and productivity so as to provide more values to our customers and stakeholders.






Regional Director,


INTAN Kampus Sarawak
No. 2, Lot 5452
Jalan Datuk Mohammad Musa

Tel : 082 - 626024 / 082 - 626025 / 082 - 592000
Fax : 082 - 615060
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