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INTAN Eastern Regional Campus (INTIM)

INTAN Kampus Wilayah Timur (INTIM) keeps on going to propel the government transformational agenda through practice and learning in public sectors. As an established public institute in the East Coast, INTIM holds great responsibility to produce outstanding government servants who could further enhance excellent public services and eventually meets the expectation of the stakeholders as well as customers in general. With regard to this, it should be able to uphold and be responsible upon realising the government transformational agenda through rendering current and high impact courses.

The role of INTIM in virtualising the government policies would be made intensified by giving more focus to the 6 Principles of Localising the Government Services as introduced by the Head of the Secretary General, the honourable Tan Sri Dr. Ali Hamsa; Openness (Keterbukaan), Involvement (Turun Padang), Cooperation (Musyawarah), Public-Private-NGO Corroboration, Togetherness (Kekitaan) and Humanity (Insaniah).

Inevitably, the development of human resource needs INTIM to go forward dynamically yet be ready for changes. Parallel to the public transformational agenda, INTIM has outlined value-added programmes and courses which would provide extra mileage to both organisation and department as well. Designated seminars, executive dialogues, academic forums and courses in 2014 are hoped to cater the legacy of INTIM as the best public sector in the East Coast.

In conclusion, it is hoped this could turn out to be an efficacious website and a medium of supreme effort in providing comprehensive information related to INTIM programmes and courses held in 2014 and the years to come.




Mohamed Zahari bin Razali,

Regional Director,

INTAN East Region Campus (INTIM)

INTAN East Region Campus(INTIM)

Bukit Geliga, Cukai,
Peti Surat 65,
24007 Kemaman,
Tel : 09 – 868 3808
Fax : 09 – 868 3007
E-Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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