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The first step to enter the PTD service, the applicant must register with the Public Service Commission (PSC) via SPA8 form or through online at In general all applicants will go through three stages before they were appointed as PTD. The first stage is examination. Only those who qualified will be invited to sit for special examination for PTD intake with minimum qualification of first degree with honours from local or foreign universities that were acknowledged by the government. The questions cover knowledge on various fields since the candidates have different academic qualifications.

The questions are in objective and subjective form and divided into five sections as follows:

Section A - General Knowledge about Malaysia
Section B - Problem Solving Ability.
Section C - Essay Comprehensions.
Section D - Bahasa Malaysia Essay.
Section E - English Language Essay.


PTD Assessment Centre (PAC)

Those who pass in the special examination for PTD intake will be called for the next stage known as PTD Assessment Centre (PAC) run by Public Service Department (PSD). PAC is the centre which assists PSD to evaluate PTD candidates before those that really qualified and suitable being recommend to PSC for interview and appointed to the civil service. This had been implemented since 1999. The implementation of PAC involved all INTAN’s regional campuses including INTAN Sabah and INTAN Sarawak. Successful candidates in the examination will be called to any of these campuses and they will attend this programme for 3 days.


Competency values that will be accessed are as follows:

Candidates will also undergo several physical tests such as 2.4km run within specific time and other exercises.



The final phase that candidates need to undergo before they can be called PTD is interview run by PSC. PAC Secretariat will maintain a data base of the candidates’ evaluation marks. The names of candidates will be sort out according to ranking in order to preserve quality candidates. It will be nominated and given to PSC. Only those who have the quality and getting high evaluation marks will be called for interview and appoint as PTD