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Trajectory Bulletin




Buletin TRAJEKTORI is published as a platform to share the various initiatives and programmes that have been implemented by the Public Service Department (JPA) and National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) along with the idea of public service transformation are being conducted. This newsletter is published four (4) times a year with the annual special edition. This publication can inspire other agencies and civil servants in the implementation and realisation of the public service transformation agenda as well as national transformation agenda.



  • Trajektori Bil. 1/2014
    Bil. 1/2014
  • Trajektori Bil. 2/2014
    Bil. 2/2014
  • Trajektori Bil. 3/2014
    Bil. 3/2014
  • Trajektori Bil. 4/2014
    Bil. 4/2014