Advanced Leadership Development and Assessment Programme (A-LEAP)



Advanced Course Leadership Development and Assessment Programme is a pre-JUSA programme developed specifically for civil servants of grade 54. The main purpose of this course is to identify employees who are really competent, especially in terms of leadership qualities, for JUSA C placement planning.


  1. Identifying employees who have leadership quality
  2. Enhance knowledge and to expose participants to current issues and latest developments in the administration
  3. Evaluate the ability of the participants to think critically and creatively
  4. Assessing the participants from the aspect of personality in order to develop a credible leader

Content Module

  1. Development programme (Talks)
  2. Evaluation sessions covering
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Creative and Innovative Idea Lab (MIKI)
  • Case Study Session
  • Commentary Session


For more information regarding this programme, please contact:

    Sub Cluster for Leadership Development
    Cluster for Leadership and Executive Development
    INTAN Bukit Kiara