Advanced Leadership and Management Programme (ALMP)



The Advanced Leadership and Management Programme (ALMP) is a mandatory course for Premier Grade C (JUSA C) officers.

Key Takeaways

  • Engage in an active and supportive learning community
  • Demonstrate leadership capabilities
  • Exhibit knowledge and skills in utilising various management and strategic planning tools
  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of areas within or beyond the civil service milieu through targeted readings and lectures and
  • Demonstrate exemplary character and positive values

Learning Methods

Our programmes are developed based on multiple-helix approach. We have carefully designed each element to integrate seamlessly into an impactful learning journey. Multiple-helix approach includes:

  • Outside-in: Industry experts and academicians are invited as panel of evaluators and speakers
  • Beyond Classroom: Insights into group dynamics management and organization
  • Strategic Networking: Engagement with various agencies as well as to establish collaborative relationships
  • English Augmentation: 70% of total assessment including presentations and written assignment.   90% of lectures are in English.


Programme Journey

The program is designed to ensure that participants emerge with new skills and competencies, aligned with the learning goals


Programme Preparation

To enhance learning, participants need to complete preparatory self-assessments, class presentations, public speaking and written assignments.



The following themes are explored:

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Lectures 
  • Corporate Visit



The following themes are explored:

  • Specialisation of Knowledge
  • Profile Assessment
  • Group Management


For more information regarding this programme, please contact:

    Sub Cluster for Leadership Development
    Cluster for Leadership and Executive Development
    INTAN Bukit Kiara