Corporate Directors Leadership and Integrity Course (CDLI)

CDLImain min


The Corporate Leadership and Integrity course is a programme designed specifically to increase participant’s awareness of the roles and fiduciary responsibilities as a government representative as a board of Director in Government Linked Companies (GLC), understanding the directorship roles, responsibilities and duties in order to discharge their duties ethically, with integrity and effectively.


This programme also stresses the importance of understanding that the effectiveness of the BOD hinges upon having a leader who is able to form a coalition of individual of diverse skills, qualifications and experience and to galvanise this diversity to lead and control the business corporation. It explains the mechanics of a vigilant and effective board which addresses the “tone from the top” that sets the ethos of the entire business enterprise.


This course also aims to impart knowledge which can ensure corporations meet wider stakeholder expectation such as environmental and social interests in addition to maximising the shareholder wealth. Besides, it also focuses on enhancing participant’s awareness of the current corporate governance and developments by updating the participants with latest guidelines for directors on corporate governance issues and challenges, corporate disclosure requirements, disclosure and transparency and role of Gatekeepers and influences i.e. in keeping abreast with industry, regulatory and compliance issues, trends and best practices.


Course content:

  • Role of Governments in Market Economy
  • Expected Roles of Government Representatives as Board Member and Control Mechanism
  • The Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
  • Key Players in a Company: Roles, Functions & Responsibilities
  • Common Offences Committed by Board of Directors Under Company Act 1965
  • Corporate Integrity System Malaysia & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Leadership of the Board (8) Audit Committee & Risk Management
  • Fundamentals of Financial Statements, Financial Ratios & Ratios Analysis
  • Audit Issues on Corporate Governance: Federal & State GLC
  • Internal Control as a Corruption Prevention Tool
  • Introduction to Government Service and Taxes
  • Case Studies (SC, MACC and IIM)
  • Valuation