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Cluster for Management Development and Innovation, located at Jalan Elmu, was formerly the central regional campus or better known as INTAN Kampus Wilayah Tengah (INTENGAH). It comprises three sub-clusters namely Public Sector Innovation, Management Development, and Communication. The Cluster’s core focus are high impact training programmes in the fields of communication, human resource management, creativity and innovation.

Organisational Chart


Activities / Programmes


  1. Creative Thinking
  2. New Horizon of KIK
  3. Panelist for the New Horizon of KIK
  4. Design Thinking
  5. Disaster Management
  6. Intellectual Property Management & Commercialisation
  7. Human Resource Champions (HRC)
  8. Effective Supervisory Management
  9. MyPortfolio
  10. Protocol, Social Etiquette dan Event Management
  11. Negotiation: Winning Strategies
  12. High Impact Presentation
  13. Mindset Transformation Programme



Cluster for Management Development and Innovation
National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN)
Jalan Elmu Off Jalan Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel:03-7966 1555
Fax: 03-7955 4767

E-mail: maklumbalas[at]intengah[dot]intan[dot]my

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