INTAN’s exceptional Digital Nexus Showcase & Summit (DNS) yearly event, which started in 2013 is designed to give you the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of today’s hot topics on emerging technology. This showcase will benefit those in public and private sectors and also the ICT practitioners as you listen to first-hand information from renowned speakers. There are the top executives in government lead agencies speaking on latest IT initiatives; academicians from universities sharing on newest research and development; and giant IT industry practitioners from local and abroad talking on trending projects’ lessons learned and best practices. You will also have the chance to experience the state-of-the-art technology during our showcase highlight and to gain better perspectives from well-known IT organisations as we gather them for you as our best exhibitors.

Attendees will include head of departments, Chief Information Officer, IT Managers, IT practitioners from public, private and semi-government with extensive experience of solving the many challenges faced by the industry, relevant associates as well as the lecturers and students from public and private institution of higher learning.

With all these high-level expertise under one-roof, this is a showcase that you don’t want to miss as you explore cutting-edge solutions to emerging technology and innovation challenges. Not only that, this showcase will bring you the best networking and learning opportunities to ask questions after each session with the speaker. This free showcase is open to government professional, private sectors, lecturers and students.

Past organisations involved as speakers and exhibitors : MAMPU, United Nations University, Ministry of Health, IBM Software Group, Microsoft Malaysia, Oracle, Here.com, SAS, HeiTech Padu, Xybase,

Past showcase highlight : Augmented Reality Show and Scavenger Hunt; Interactive Augmented Reality Photobooth; HereTrue smartcar equipped with location and intelligence mapping.