Generation and Innovation (Genovasi) is a part of the nationwide initiative looking at developing skills and innovation among youth to enhance their quality of life by generating income and to transform them to become National Innovation Ambassadors. This program has be designed to make the participants understand that with the right tools, imagination and ideas can bring about purposeful solutions. The Government aims to produce 5,000 National Innovation Ambassadors in the span of 5 years.

Hence, INTAN responded to Government’s initiative by collaborating with Genovasi and introduced the Genovasi Module to be included in the INTAN’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA) since in 2013. INTAN’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA) is a 10-months course which has been designed comprehensively as a pre-requisite for the appointment into the Administrative and Diplomatic Services Scheme. The course consists of Academic Component, National Integration and Self-Resilience Component as well as Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Component.

The module emphasises on Design Thinking methodology to solve real world problems through innovative solutions.