Public Service Transformation Initiatives

In line with the National Transformation Agenda towards becoming a high-income developed nation by the year 2020, the Public Service Department was given the mandate to lead the transformation of the public service. The Chief Secretary to the Government in his speech at the 13th Public Service Premier Gathering (MAPPA XIII) on 11th March 2013 stated that a new paradigm in the context of the national transformation requires the public service to be more flexible and agile in delivering its services to the Rakyat.

He subsequently announced that the public service transformation would be spearheaded by two central government agencies namely the PSD and the Ministry of Finance in order to ensure that the public service remains relevant and current.

Every civil servant is an important stakeholder in the implementation of public service transformation. To secure buy-in from the civil servants and each agency that they serve, the Director General of Public Service Malaysia introduced a new holistic approach of engaging support and commitment from the Ministries through Public Service Transformation Lab (LTPA). The National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) conducted seven series of the LTPA from April to June 2014.

The LTPA has succeeded in garnering 22 Ministries and 779 participants to formulate each Ministry’s Transformation Plan. As a result of the LTPA, 605 strategic measures and 1,461 transformation initiatives have been formulated by the Ministries.

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