Cluster for Economics and Public Finance

About Us

This cluster consists of three sub clusters - Public Finance Management, Regulatory Economics and Public Economic. Amongst the functions of this cluster is to provide a variety of training programmes to increase the knowledge and skills of government officers in the field of public economics and finance. The understanding of these subjects is pertinent for purposes of developing policies and charting directions of the national economy.

The main programmes organised and offered by this cluster includes courses, workshops and seminars.

Amongst the flagship courses offered by this cluster include:
  • Certificate in Public Procurement (SPPK)
  • Economic Planning and Management Course (EPM)
  • Corporate Directors Leadership and Integrity Course (CDLI)


Seminar/Courses Offered




1 Corporate Directors Leadership and Integrity Course (CDLI)
2 Course on Globalisation and Economic Integration
3 Basic Corporate Finance Course
4 Outcome Based Budget Course (OBB)
5 Analysis and Understanding of Economic Indicator Course
6 Mobile Asset Management in Government Course
7 National Economic Management Course
8 Performance-Based Financial Management Course
9 National Economic Management Course
10 Business Management Course
11 Government Procurement Management Course
12 Basic Accrual Accounting Course (Basic Level)
13 Basic Accrual Accounting Course (Intermediate Level)
14 Asset Management Information System Courses (SPA)
15 Certificate in Public Procurement (Basic Level)
16 Certificate in Public Procurement (Advance)
17 Integrated Management Information System Store Course (SPS)
18 Transformation Management Store Inventory & Government Course
19 MTCP-CAPAM Master Class in Economic and Management Course



1 INTAN Public Policy Insight Series
2 INTAN Public Policy Ministerial Forum Series

INTAN Economic Seminar Series

Strategic Collaboration

1 Preparatory Course For 22nd JPA-BMCC Management Development Programme 2017
  • Public Sercive Department(JPA)
  • British Malaysian Chamber Of Commerce (BMCC)
2 Course on Certificate of Government Procurement
  • Ministry of Finance (MoF)
3 Corporate Directors Leadership And Integrity (CDLI)
  • Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC)
  • Integrity Institute of Malaysia (IIM)
  • Ministry of Finance (MoF)
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)
  • National Audit Department
4 Course On Globalisation And Economic Integration
  • International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

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Cluster for Public Economics and Finance
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