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etikaCluster for Professional Development & Ethics is responsible for the development and implementation of programme modules related to values and ethics as well as the spirit of patriotism for civil servants. In addition, the Cluster is also responsible for developing and conducting assessment for the candidate of the Administrative and Diplomatic Officers (PTDs) and the in-service PTDs through a comprehensive training exercises and evaluation.

Knowledge and skills pertaining to values, ethics and patriotism among civil servants as well as the development of PTD's competencies are significant in developing civil servants with integrity, accountability and skill.
This cluster consists of 3 sub clusters:
  • Sub Cluster for Professional Development
  • Sub Cluster for Human Capital Development
  • Counslutation & Counselling Unit
  • Training Secretariat & Administration Unit

Seminar/Courses Offered



1 Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (DPA)
2 My Country, My Home Course
3 Enhancement on Public Servant Regulation Course
4 Strengthening the Discipline Management of the Public Service Course
5 Public Service Integrity Enhancement Course
6 SMART Integrity Course
7 Islamic Management & Leadership Transformation Course
8 Counselling in the Public Service Courses
9 Psychology Management Course for Human Resource Managers
10 Emotionally, Spiritually Intelligent courses
11 Ethical Mind and Psychology Courses
12 Outstanding-Self Professionalism Courses
13 Language Munsyi Development Course
14 Language Munsyi Enhancement Course
15 Junior Executive Leadership Assessment Program (J-LEAP)




1 Malaysia’s Syariah Index Seminar
2 National Security Sustainability Seminar
3 Patriotism Carnival

Strategic Collaboration

1 INTAN’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA)
  • Strategic Partnership Program (SPP)
    State Secretary
  • Public Order Management Module
    Royal Malaysian Police(PDRM)
  • National Defense and Disaster Management Module
    Malaysia Armed Force
    National Security Council
    Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia
    National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA)
  • Outward Bound Trust Malaysia (OBTM)
  • My Country Module
    Polity Bureau
    Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia
    1Malaysia For You
  • International Relations and Security Module
    Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
2 Modul Negaraku: Tanah Tumpah Darahku.
  • Royal Malaysia Police (RMP)
  • National Service Bureau (NSB)
  • Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (MCMM)
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)
3 Kursus Munsyi Muda Bahasa
  • Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)
4 Malaysia’s Syariah Index Seminar
  • Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department

INTAN’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA)

INTAN’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA) is a 10-months course, which has been designed comprehensively as a pre-requisite for joining the PTD scheme.

Modul Negaraku: Tanah Tumpah Darahku

INTAN initiated the drive towards Malaysia’s patriotism 'My Country'. In this regard, INTAN invited relevant government agencies to share on government action and efforts with regard to national security issues, challenges as civil servants, and ignite patriotism with the aspirations of 'My Country'.

Kursus Munsyi Muda Bahasa

The Young Language Munsyi course consists of two namely Young Language Munsyi Development Course and Young Language Munsyi Development Course is a formal linguistic training for selected officers whose will be appoint as ‘Young Language Munsyi’ or Certified Malay Language Expert. Language Munsyi Enhancement Course is for strengthening the Malay Language linguistic aspects, formal reporting and write-ups in Malay Language as well as writing speech texts with high accuracy and in proper Malay Language.

Malaysia’s Syariah Index Seminar

This seminar’s purpose is to enhance the understanding of the implementation of Malaysia’s Syariah Index (ISM) as well as for the public servants to exchange ideas and knowledge on ISM. One of the modules in the Islamic Management Transformation Course (KTPI) is the continuation of this seminar in order to enhance understanding about ISM among the civil servants.

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