Cluster for Administration Development and Innovation

About Us


The Management Development & Innovation Cluster located at Jalan Elmu is one of eight clusters at INTAN. It is formerly known as INTAN Kampus Wilayah Tengah (INTENGAH).  To address the new public service realities, the Cluster has been tasked to deliver high impact training and learning programmes in areas such as communication, languages, human resource management, creativity and innovation.
To strengthen further its functions, the cluster has also included publications, quality negotiation programmes as well as functioning as the main secretariat for major events such as the annual Civil Service Premier Assembly (MAPPA), national level KIK Convention amongst others.  The responsibilities in carrying out these activities rest with three sub-clusters:
  • Civil Service Innovation Sub-cluster
  • Management Development Sub-cluster
  • Communication, Language and Negotiation Sub-cluster

Seminar/Courses Offered

The Cluster offers a variety of courses/programmes specially designed for civil servants, namely:




1 Strategies for Enhancing Creativity
2 Driving Creativity Transformation
3 Protocol and Social Etiquette: Are We Doing It Right?
4 Negotiation : Winning Strategies
5 Protocol and Social Etiquette : Event Management
6 High Impact Presentations
7 Power Up Your English Series : Writing Winning Speeches
8 Power Up Your English Series : Successful Rapporteuring
9 Mandarin for Customer Service
10 Mandarin for Everyday Interaction
11 Public Sector Human Resource Planning
12 Management Diagnostic Tools

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Head of Cluster
Cluster for Administration Development and Innovation
National Institute of Public Administration
Jalan Elmu
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7966 1516
Fax: 03-2084 7808