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INTAN Northern Regional Campus, better known as INTURA, began its operation in Sungai Petani Kedah in the year 1983. In line with the slogan “Driving Transformation Through Learning’, INTURA is responsible for developing human capital of public service by providing quality and effective training in various fields such as team building, service delivery, quality and productivity management, as well as financial management.
In a move to make Malaysia a developed nation, human capital development of public service becomes an important agenda. This is because public service is facing new challenges which are becoming more complex and ever-changing. This phenomenon arises the need for team building programme due to its ability to harmonise the goals of members with the goals of their organisations to produce optimal and efficient outputs.
Due to the need for team building programmes, INTURA has been chosen from the five regional campuses to become the Centre of Excellence for Team Building. In line with this, INTURA organises two main courses which are the Team Building Course and the Leadership Team Course. Both of these courses instill the value of quality leadership, effective communication, creative thinking and teamwork in every activity.



"United we stand, divided we fall".

The above Malay proverb manifests the importance of strong teamwork. It is mainly because each individual in a team possesses different competencies in forms of capacity, expertise, skills and knowledge. If these competencies are harmonized, a strong and united team can be formed and will have ability to face any upcoming challenges.

Looking at the importance of team work, INTURA has been chosen to become a centre of excellence of team building programme. This programme emphasizes on the spirit of 'camaraderie' in each course offered. The main objective of the program are:

  • To build a close cooperation network
  • To enhance mutual understanding, mutual respect and a spirit of friendship
  • To understand the leadership’s role and value in a team to achieve organizational excellence
  • To understand the importance of effective communication
  • To strengthen the coordination, cooperation and communication in solving problems creatively and innovatively

INTURA Team Building Programme consists of two main courses, which are Team Building Course and Team Excellence Course. INTURA also organizes Building Learning Community (BLC) course, one of the modules of ALMP programme. These courses involve outdoor activities which are constantly exposed to various risks. To ensure the safety of facilitators and participants is at maximum level, periodic inspection of the equipment used in the programme is carried out. Apart from that, each facilitator is equipped with a range of knowledge and skills related to first aid, rescue and operation of outdoor activities.

Courses Offered

In general, INTURA Team Building Programme consists of two main courses which are the Team Building Course and the Team Excellence Course. Both of these courses use the Experiential Learning approach and the Outdoor Learning approach, inculcating four types of activities, namely:

  • The Unlocking Silo: Self exploration and group formation activities
  • The Group Synergy: Team building games activities
  • The Survival Challenge: Survival based activities such as camping or hiking or water rafting
  • The iLead-Park Challenge: Cross obstacles team activities

Apart from that, INTURA has been assigned by INTAN Bukit Kiara to conduct the Building Learning Community (BLC) course, one of the modules of ALMP programme. The BLC module focuses on teamwork where participants will undergo Group Training (LDK) using Experiential Learning and Outdoor Learning approaches for five days. LDK BLC emphasizes on the relationship and interaction among participants to create mutual understanding and cooperation. It is seen as an effort to create a more effective and fun learning environment while creating a collaborative network among top management of civil servants.

INTURA also conducts several generic courses pertaining to service delivery, ethics, quality management, financial management, store management and assets management. Some of the courses are Government Asset Management Course, Government Store Management Course, Discipline Management Courses, Driver Excellence Workshop, Innovative And Creative Group Course, Effective Communication and Presentation Course, and Customer Relationship Management Course.



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INTAN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PARK (iLEAD-PARK) was officially launched on 27 February 2014 by YBhg. Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal, Director General of Public Service. The main objective of iLEAD-PARK's is to develop a public civil service in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes to be a transformative leader.

INTAN Challenge Cube (InCUBE)

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  The Dangle Duo

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Sports & Recreation

Hall/Meeting Room/Lecture Room
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Razak Hall | Capacity: 60 pax Rahman Hall |Capacity: 80 pax
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Jubli Perak Hall | Capacity: 200 pax Hussein Hall | Capacity: 100 pax

Lecture Rooms
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As-Siddiq Room | Capacity: 60 pax Al-Affan Room | Capacity: 40 pax

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Al-Khattab Room | Capacity: 35 pax

Bestari Meeting Room | Capacity: 30 pax


2 Computer Labs | Capacity: 35 pax
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Information Resource Centre is opened from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Convenience Shop (KESKI)

 keskiKESKI Convenience Shop is opened on working days from 10.30 am to 11.30 am
and 12.45 pm to 1.45 pm.

Prayer Hall

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Dining Hall

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Regional Director
INTAN Wilayah Utara (INTURA)
Jalan Kuala Ketil,
Peti Surat 94,
08007 Sungai Petani,
Kedah Darul Aman

Tel: 04-4218 321 (201/202)
Faks: 04-421 4489

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