Cluster for Expertise Development

About Us

Cluster for Expertise Development (KPK) is one of the 9 clusters at the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Bukit Kiara Main Campus. Cluster for Expertise Development (KPK) was established in 2013 with the aim to plan and to provide a platform for the capacity building of INTAN trainers, training management of INTAN in order to ensure a quality and high-impact learning program.

KPK covers two (2) sub-clusters which are Continuing Studies, Expertise Development, Training Management and Administration Unit.


Seminar/Courses Offered

KPK offers a few courses to enhance the potential and the competency of public service officers as the following:

  • Train The Trainer Workshop for Trainers;
  • Learning Needs Analysis Workshop for Training Manager and Trainer;
  • Coaching for Leaders;
  • Training Management and Development for Leaders Workshop;

Seminar/Knowledge Sharing Session
  • INTAN Trainer Insights Series;
  • INTAN Trainers Development Series;
  • Coaching Circle

  • Training Package Development;
  • Curriculum Development;
  • Training Development Plan;
  • Training Management
Ph.D and Masters by Research Preparation Courses are mandatory courses for officers who have awarded the Federal Government Scholarship namely Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP) dan Cuti Bergaji Penuh Tanpa Biasiswa (CBPTB). The courses aim to provide the officers with exposure and knowledge on the scientific research methods from theoretical and practical aspects so that officers are well prepared when embarking on their postgraduate studies.

Apart from these mandatory courses, Research Methodology and Science Management Data Analysis Course is also offered to civil servants as the basis of social science research which covers both qualitative and quantitative methods. This course is very beneficial for civil servants who are involved in research and policy making and for fostering new ideas.

The International Relations and Security Module is one of the academic modules under the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (DPA) Program. It provides exposure and basic knowledge to DPA participants on matters related to international relations and security.

Strategic Collaboration

Collaboration with Institutions of Higher Education is initiated to help participants of Ph.D and Masters by Research Preparation Courses to get an overview of the programs offered by institutions as well as suitable and prospective supervisors. In addition, this collaboration also provides opportunities to these institutions to promote their programs.

Cluster for Expertise Development, INTAN also has formed collaborations with Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) to strengthen the implementation of the International Relations and Security Module. This collaboration aims to develop sensitivity towards issues and matters involving national security as well as enhancing patriotism among the participants of Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (DPA) INTAN. 

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