Cluster for Expertise Development

About Us

The Cluster for Expertise Development (CED) is one of the eight clusters in the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN). CED was established in 2013 and is led by the Head of Cluster.

The CED comprises two (2) Sub-cluster namely the Sub-cluster for Continuing Education and the Sub-cluster for Training and Development and Expertise Management. The CED is responsible for developing Human Resource expertise in INTAN and other Public Training Institutes (PTIs) for the purpose of developing competent trainers in providing quality and high-impact learning and development programs towards making INTAN and the other PTI as premier public sector learning institutions.

Seminar/Courses Offered

CED offers the following courses to enhance the potential and competencies of civil servants;

  • Train The Trainer Workshop for Trainers;
  • Learning Need Analysis Workshop for L&D Managers and Trainers;
  • Group Synergizers Workshop for Trainers;
  • Effective Training Design for Trainers; and
  • Measuring Training Outcomes Course for Training Managers and Trainers.

In addition to the above mentioned courses, CED also offers mandatory programs such as Preparatory Courses for candidates who have successfully obtained the Federal Government Scholarship to pursue their studies at Masters/PhD level. The Duration of the Preparatory Course is two weeks for the Masters’ Degree and three weeks for the PhD Degree.

The CED organises a yearly Flagship program named Public Sector Trainers Meet Trainers (PSTMT) program. The PSTMT is aimed at enhancing cooperation amongst trainers from various Public Training Institutes in Malaysia. It further acts as a platform for trainers to meet experts and aclimitize themselves with the latest developments in the field of Learning & Development.

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Cluster for Expertise Development
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