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INTAN Sabah was officiated by the Honourable Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia on the 16 September 2010.

Established on 15 June 2001, INTAN Sabah began its operation from the Federal Secretary Office, Federal House Building, Kota Kinabalu. The newly built 80 acres main campus in Jalan Sulaman, Tuaran has started operation on 9 December 2008.

The campus was designed and built by taking into account the aspect of user friendliness, preservation of environment and upholding local architecture. It consists of five buildings namely, Administration and Academic Block, Surau, Hostels, Sports and Recreations Facilities and Quarters. All the buildings are inter-connected and within walking distance.


In line with INTAN rebranding exercise, regional campuses were rebranded as Centre of Excellence in their respective field. INTAN Sabah became the Centre of Excellence for Management and Organisation Governance. Its establishment is aimed to assist in transformation process and value add in organisation management that emphasises on excellence governance. Effective and efficient management will further enhance organisations, and most importantly, yields positive effect towards excellence in service delivery.

The campus offers various courses with the purpose to enhanced participant’s competency level in area such as Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Leadership, Quality and Information and Communication Technology. In addition, INTAN Sabah also provides consultation service, research undertaking and organising seminar and executive talk.

INTAN Sabah only offered short courses (3 to 5 day courses). The main target groups are both the Federal and State civil servants, mainly those who are working in Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan.

Courses Offered

Among the courses offered by INTAN Sabah namely:

  • Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem
  • Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem Internal Audit
  • Lean Management
  • Office Administration Enhancement
  • Asset Management
  • Leadership & Supervision


Sports & Recreation

The sport centre provides sporting facilities and aims to promote healthy and active lifestyle among staff and participants. The following are facilities provided:

Sports Facilities Quantity 
 1. Footbal Field 1
 2. Futsal Court 1
 3. Valleyball Court 1
 4. Netball Court 1
 5. Sepak Takraw Court 1
 6. Badminton Courts 3
 7. Tennis Court 1
 8. Gymnasium 1
 9. Kayak 25


The gym is situated at Level 2, Kinabalu Hostel. It provides basic gymnasium equipment. While exercising, one can unwind and enjoy calming view of the lake.
The fitness centre can accommodate up to 20 people at one time.
Opening hours is every Monday to Friday, from 8 am until 9 pm (depending on request).
Monday, Wednesday and Friday allotted for men while Tuesday and Thursday for women

Meeting Room\Lecture Hall

auditoriumTun Datu Mustapha Auditorium | Capacity: 357 people

BilikKuliahCendana Room 1-4 | Capacity: 50 people

BilikKuliah2Cendana Room 5-6 |  Capacity: 50 people

hallMengkabong Hall | Capacity: 250 orang

bilikmesyuaratSeraya Meeting Room | Capacity: 58 people

blkmesyuarat2Belian Meeting Room |  Capacity: 58 people

bilikkomputerComputer Lab |  Capacity: 50 people


perpustakaanLibarary is open :
Monday – Friday : 8 am – 5 pm


surauUmar Al-Khattab Surau | Capacity: 100 people

Dining Hall
Capacity: 300 people


kafeOpen daily from 7 amto 1 pm.
Capacity: 50 people

Convenience Shop (KESKI)
 keskishopThe convenience shop known as KESKI sells basic needs including light snacks, beverages, souvenirs and taxi service. It operates daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

VIP's Holding Room
This room is specially provided for VVIP before they proceed to the function room. Convenient for up to five guests and is equipped with sofa set, wash room and air-conditioned.


hostel Twin-Sharing Room hostel2Single Room

INTAN Sabah has 151 rooms divided into three blocks of hostels, named hostel Kinabalu, Danum and Mesilau. There are two types of room; single occupancy and twin sharing occupancy. All rooms equipped with basic amenities such as television, air-conditioner, fan, electric kettles and hot/cold shower.

1. Block Kinabalu, There are 31 single rooms,
2. Block Mesilau, There are 10 single rooms and 43 twin -sharing rooms
3. Block Danum, There are 67 twin share rooms

Contact Us

Regional Director

Jalan Sulaman-Tuaran
Beg Berkunci 2080,
88999 Kota Kinabalu

Tel: 088-483500/501
Faks: 088-473651

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