INTAN Leadership Talk Series (iLEAD TALK)



INTAN Leadership Talk Series (iLEAD TALK) is a one-day seminar organised by Cluster for Leadership and Executive Development alongside invited guest speaker from among the competent leaders in sharing their ideas, knowledge and experience with participants. This programme is also one of the initiatives supporting the Strategic Thrusts 1 Public Service Department of Malaysia: Revitalising Public Servants.

The target groups for this programme are government officials from the Management and Professionals Group from Grade 41 and above. Invited participants also extended to statutory bodies and government-linked companies as proactive measures to expand the co-operational networks in line with Strategic Thrust 4 INTAN Transformation Framework, namely 'Strengthening the Co-operational Networks Locally and Internationally’.

The main objectives of this programme are as follows:

  1. To expose participants with the trends and up-to-date leadership competencies;
  2. To implement the best leadership practices in respective organisations for applications;
  3. To inject new ideas in strengthening the process of transformation in respective organisations; and
  4. To expand and strengthen the co-operational networks among civil servants, as well as between civil servants and employees in the statutory bodies / government-linked companies.

Speaker : Leaders from government sector and private agencies.

Guest Speaker for iLEAD TALK (2011 - 2018): 

Venue : INTAN Bukit Kiara


For more information regarding this program, please contact:

Cluster for Leadership and Executive Development
INTAN Bukit Kiara
Tel : 03-2084 7433