Menelusuri Tujuh Prakarsa Utama Dasar Transformasi


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The National Transformation Agenda have been translated into a major initiative that reflects the Government's determination to serve the rakyat. Seven initiatives documented in this book are highlighted as evolution of the national policy. The Government’s planning and endeavours under the National Transformation Agenda is a strategic blueprint for driving the agenda of a developed nation towards a high-income rakyat who live in prosperity and harmony. Despite the many efforts that have been undertaken, however, the information and the description on the people-oriented programmes are difficult to obtain for quick referencing and reading. Information on initiatives such as the 1Malaysia Concept, 1Malaysia Services, National Blue Ocean Strategy, Government Transformation Programme, Economic Transformation Programme, as well as the Public Service Transformation and Digital Inclusivity can only be accessed through specific websites or publications which are limited. In this regard, the book entitled Menelusuri Tujuh Prakarsa Utama Dasar Transformasi is presented as a reading material on the implementation of economic, administrative, social and digital transformation initiatives under the National Transformation Agenda which can be a quick source of reference for various parties.