Transformation Conversation, Driving Change

Public Service Transformation is a monumental movement to realize the agenda to drive Malaysia into the league of developed and high-income nations. In order to achieve this mission, the civil service requires a paradigm shift beyond its previous achievements to attain high impact outcome. This new civil service look requires a professional governance culture and the building of personality based upon high value principles and work ethics.

Realizing the similarities of responsibilities and mutuality of roles between the cabinet and civil servants, the INTAN Ministerial Lecture Series program is significant to bring together Cabinet Members and public sector managers based on high virtues and philosophy that both parties are important strategic partners in spearheading the country's development agenda.

This forum is also the most conducive platform for knowledge sharing, perspectives, interpretations and experiences of the political leadership with civil servants and stakeholders.

Cabinet Ministers involved in this knowledge-sharing platform since 2013 are as depicted.

ZambryKadir zahidTPM
shabery idris
khairy nancy
dato sri rohani dato paul
dato abdulwahid