Royal Malaysian Police

INTAN’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA) is a 10-months course which has been designed comprehensively as a pre-requisite for the appointment into the Administrative and Diplomatic Services Scheme. The course consists of Academic Component, National Integration and Self-Resilience Component as well as Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Component.

INTAN’s strategic collaboration with the prestigious Royal Malaysian Police College (Maktab PDRM) successfully developed a two weeks comprehensive mix-mode (combination of classroom lectures and outdoor activities) module (Public Order Management) under the National Integration and Self-Resilience Component.

Amongst the objective of the module is to instil knowledge and some basic skills related to public order management as well as methods to manage and minimise impacts of any crisis (public order) to the participants of the course. The module also aims to introduce to the participants to the overall organisation and the core functions of the Royal Malaysian Police.

The module has been also designed to boost self-discipline and integrity among the participants. Hence, outdoor activities such as marching exercise, introduction to weapons, weapons handling, T-Baton classes and self defence classes are also included in this module.