8 Principles

YAB Prime Minister has outlined 8 principles or criteria needed for the civil servants to embrace change and move forward. These principles will further enhance the performance of civil servants and their contribution towards national development.

  1. Knowledgeable - civil servant need to ensure they are constantly knowledgeable, creative, innovative and able to be a model figure to the community.

  2. Reliability - includes sincerity, trust, integrity and trustworthiness as well as having universal values that can be trusted by the community.

  3. Best Work Practice culture - best working practice reflected the ability of civil servants.

  4. Patriotic spirit - civil servant should nurture patriotism and love for the country.

  5. Success culture that is outcome based - this is important to raise quality of work based on the key performance index (KPI).

  6. Cultures of Creativity and Innovation - civil servant should implement their tasks more creative and innovative in order to meet the challenges in a fast-changing world.

  7. High added value and competence - civil servant who are competence have high added value.

  8. Employee engagement - civil servant should leave the silo working practices. All parties must emphasise work culture as a strong team.