Qalam INTURA 1 2018 

Qalam INTURA is a collection of articles and write-ups composed by INTURA officers from various positions and also featuring guest writers. Unbounded by any subject or area, Qalam INTURA is an initiative to promote academic and semi-academic writings among INTURA officers. Realising the importance of documenting knowledge treasures in forms of writing, it is our hope and aspiration that Qalam INTURA will bring benefits to civil servants as well as becoming a medium for empowering public service towards nation's advancement and citizens' prosperity.


Qalam INTURA 2017


  • Qalam INTURA 1/2017
    Bil 1/2017
  • Qalam INTURA 2/2017
    Bil 2/2017
  • Qalam INTURA 3/2017
    Bil 3/2017