Research Colloquium



Research Colloquium 2017 is an inaugural event organised by the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), in collaboration with the Human Capital Development Division, Public Service Department (PSD). The objective of the Colloquium is to provide a platform for the Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP) recipients who have completed their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes to present their research findings. The theme for the Research Colloquium 2017 is 'Acculturation of Research in the Public Sector' and paper presentations by the speakers covered the following areas:

  1. Management and administration;
  2. Social administration and criminology;
  3. Economics and business administration;
  4. Science and technology;
  5. Human resources and communication;
  6. Education and Islamic studies

Through this programme, research findings can be widely disseminated, discussed as significant inputs and examined so that they can be applied in order to contribute towards policy formulation and enhancement of the effectiveness as well as improvement of service delivery towards the well-being of the people.

The Research Colloquium aims to achieve the outcome of publishing the proceedings which consist of a compilation of research papers presented; uploading the proceedings into the INTAN Institutional Memory database, as well as presenting the resolutions containing research findings that have implications on policy and service delivery.

As a premier training and learning institution for the public sector, INTAN serves as a driver of transformation towards upholding of knowledge and acculturation of research in the public sector. For research findings and recommendations which have the potential to generate significant impact on the quality of delivery and productivity of the public sector, INTAN and PSD will highlight these new findings to the relevant Government agencies so that the implementation will be highly beneficial to the people.

Download Research Colloquium 2017 Proceedings