National Agenda

Twelfth Malaysia Plan, 2021-2025


Looking Ahead to a Prosperous, Inclusive, Sustainable Malaysia

The objective of the Twelfth Plan is to achieve a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Malaysia, in line with the WKB 2030 and the 2030 Agenda. Sustainable economic growth will be accompanied by fair, equitable and inclusive economic distribution across all income groups, ethnicities and regions in order to provide a decent standard of living for all Malaysians. In addition, the Twelfth Plan encompasses strategies and initiatives that safeguard national security and sovereignty, which are vital for sustainable socioeconomic development.

The Twelfth Plan is anchored on three key themes focusing on resetting the economy, strengthening security, wellbeing and inclusivity as well as advancing sustainability. These themes are supported by four catalytic policy enablers focusing on developing future talent, accelerating technology adoption and innovation, enhancing connectivity and transport infrastructure as well as strengthening the public service, paving the way for a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable nation. In line with the transformative nature of the Twelfth Plan, game changers that represent the new and innovative ideas will be introduced to shift mindsets and fundamentally change the approach of national development. These game changers will ensure Malaysia attains the objectives of WKB 2030, namely sustainable growth along with fair and equitable distribution across income groups, ethnicities, regions and supply chains.

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