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About Us

INTAN Wilayah Timur (INTIM) campus was built in a 52-hectare land in 1979 and the building was officiated by His Majesty the Sultan of Terengganu on 27 August 1983 with an area of 52 hectares. The campus is located on the coast of Kemaman, Terengganu and is intended to provide training and high impact courses to civil servants primarily located in the East Coast Region.

INTIM was established with three main goals:

  1. To achieve the goal of decentralization, i.e., all training projects are divided by region,

  2. To organize training and development projects that better meet the specific training needs of public service agencies in the East Coast Region, and

  3. To provide fair and balanced training opportunities for civil servants in the region.

As one of the best public training institutes on the East Coast, INTIM is responsible to produce high-performing civil servants; to generate excellence culture in the public sector; and to meet the expectations of stakeholders and customers. In order to execute these responsibilities, INTIM has established strong collaborations with the Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan State Governments who always give full commitment to seminars, executive talks, scientific forums, and courses organized by INTIM.


Currently, training courses in INTIM are provided by four main training service branches, namely:

  1. Executive Development and Human Capital Unit,

  2. Organizational Development and Service Delivery Unit,

  3. Financial Management and Integrity Unit, and

  4. Information and Communication Technology Unit.

The training services aim to assist government departments and agencies by contributing to the development of high-capacity human capital, consolidation and development of effective supervision, as well as improvements to organizational management that prioritize the best aspects of governance. This will result in improvement of quality, efficient and effective organizational management which will add value to the corporate image of an organization and as well as promotes positive impact on the delivery of services to customers. Additionally, INTIM provides competency training, enhancement, and refreshers on Microsoft products under the Role-Based Training for Civil Servant (RBTCS) programme, an initiative to provide ICT literacy to civil servants.

INTIM also offers various types of training programme such as courses, seminars, and special project via virtual connection, hybrid and face-to-face mode in line with current training development and customers’ demand. Furthermore, we also provide consultation services, advisory services, and research based on continuous engagement with the main public service agencies from the East Coast Region.


INTIM Organisational Chart


Empowerment of human capital in the public sector is an ongoing effort and needs to be implemented effectively. Thus, INTAN Eastern Region Campus (INTIM) plays a direct role in ensuring that the courses implemented meet the needs of stakeholders and in line with current developments and technological transitions. As the leader of the public sector training centre in the East Coast, the role of INTIM is very significant in ensuring that the courses implemented can improve the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (Attitude, Skills and Knowledge) of civil servants.


Each year, there are several new courses offered to the participants. INTIM also conducts analysis and data collection related to the courses offered to evaluate the effectiveness, response and as a continuous improvement effort. A series of strategic discussions and engagement between INTAN management and stakeholders such as the Services Division, PSD and the Office of the Government Secretary (SUK) of the East Coast states were also implemented in an effort to improve the quality of delivery and course content as well as to understand current needs.



  1. Kursus Penyeliaan Berkesan (Asas)
  2. Kursus Pengukuhan Pasukan
  3. Innovation Course : Do You Want To Be Creative?
  4. Mastering Innovation Through Design Thinking Course
  5. Kursus Imej dan Keterampilan
  6. Kursus Bahasa Mandarin Untuk Interaksi Harian
  7. Language Awareness For Communication Success: Basic Grammar Course
  8. Program Transformasi Minda (PTM)



  1. RBTCS: Infographics Using PowerPoint
  2. RBTCS: MICROSOFT Office 2016 Tips & Tricks
  3. RBTCS: Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC (Basic – Advanced)



  1. Kursus Pengurusan Stor
  2. Kursus Pengurusan Aset Alih Kerajaan
  3. Kursus Pengurusan Perolehan Kerajaan
  4. Kursus Etika Kerja: Gamifikasi
  5. Kursus Etika Kerja Perkhidmatan Awam: Peranan Penyelia
  6. Kursus Perakaunan Akruan
  7. Kursus Sistem Pengurusan Aset
  8. Kursus Sistem Pengurusan Stor



  1. Kursus Pengurusan Mesyuarat
  2. Kursus MyPortfolio: Panduan Kerja Sektor Awam
  3. Kursus Protokol, Etiket Sosial dan Pengurusan Majlis
  4. Kursus Ekosistem Kondusif Sektor Awam (EKSA)
  5. Kursus Persembahan Slaid Efektif & Persembahan Berimpak Tinggi
  6. Kursus Kecerdasan Minda bagi Petugas Barisan Hadapan

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INTAN Eastern Region (INTIM)

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