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What is MyDIGITAL?

MyDIGITAL is a national initiative which symbolizes the aspirations of the Government to successfully transform Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high income nation and a regional leader in digital economy.


The Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint spells out the efforts and initiatives to deliver the aspirations of MyDIGITAL. The Blueprint charts the trajectory of the digital economy's contribution to the Malaysian economy and builds the foundation to drive digitalisation across Malaysia including bridging the digital divide.


MyDIGITAL is designed to complement national development policies such as the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (RMKe-12) and Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030 (WKB 2030). Digital economy was identified as a key economic growth area (KEGA) in realising WKB 2030, to make Malaysia a country which is developing sustainably with fair economic distribution as well as equitable and inclusive growth.


The world economic growth is increasingly driven by digitalisation. Consumer behaviour has evolved to prioritise quick and convenient experiences which is powered by the internet and mobile phones. The COVID-19 pandemic amplifies the importance of the digital economy to ensure continuity in economic activities. The use of internet and technology advancement contributes to the rapid growth of data, which is the future commodity. Nevertheless, countries risk creating digital divide if the response to digitalisation is not managed well. We must embrace digitalisation, and seize opportunities arising from this trend for our wellbeing, as well as to stay relevant and competitive.

What is Digital Economy?

Digital economy is defined as economic and social activities that involve the production and use of digital technology by individuals, businesses, and government.

Where are we going - vision and outcomes?

With MyDIGITAL, Malaysia will be able to successfully transform into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy. MyDIGITAL aspires to enable the rakyat to embrace digitalisation to improve their quality of life and standard of living.The Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint’s vision is to be a regional leader in the digital economy and achieve inclusive, responsible and sustainable socioeconomic development.

Malaysia Digital Economy

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