Integrated Public Project Management Certification Course (3PAB)


The government has introduced various initiatives for Malaysia to become a high-income and developed country. These initiatives are translated into projects and programmed to meet the needs of the people. The implementation of good projects and programmed requires a human capital that is knowledgeable and skilled in the field of project management.


To develop public sector human capital with high knowledge and skills in various disciplines of project management, effective training is required. Apart from the complete training package and expert trainers, civil servants who attend training must be certified in the form of certification upon successful completion of training, thus becoming pre-qualified to handle public projects.


To meet these requirements and in line with the transformation programmed of JPA and INTAN, INTAN took the initiative to implement the 3PAB Course beginning 2014 to give recognition to the participants who successfully completed the training before being assigned to manage public projects. The 3PAB course was conducted by INTAN in collaboration with six (6) Strategic Partners comprising the Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister's Department (ICU, JPM), Public Works Department (PWD), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and Service Division, Public Service Department (BK, JPA). The 3PAB course is conducted in two modes i.e. modular and long term (four (4) weeks).


The course consists of 26 modules covering the entire cycle of public projects management as well as general modules.

PHASE 1: Identify and prepare the project based on program output

  1. Concept of Development Planning and Preparation of Master Plan in Malaysia
  2. Project Financing
  3. Selection of Site Project and Land Management
  4. Project Identification using the Logical Framework Approach (LFA)

PHASE 2: Feasibility study

  1. Feasibility Study: Technical & Design Analysis
  2. Feasibility Study: Economic & Market Analysis
  3. Feasibility Study: Environment Analysis
  4. Feasibility Study: Financial Analysis

PHASE 3: Evaluation, selection and approval

  1. Projek Brief
  2. Project Risk Management
  3. Value Management

PHASE 4: Project Activation

  1. Management of Tender Document
  2. Contract Management
  3. Project Scheduling
  4. Contract Management from Attorney General’s Chamber Perspective

PHASE 5: Implementation and monitoring

  1. Project Scheduling and Monitoring Using Microsoft Project 2010
  2. Project Regulatory (Contract Administration)
  3. Project Monitoring
  4. The Role of CIDB in the Malaysian construction industry

PHASE 6: Evaluation and feedback

  1. Project Hand Over
  2. Outcome-Based Project Evaluation


  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. Project Governance
  3. Work Ethics & Values
  4. Integrity in Project Management
  5. Project Management From Auditor General’s Perspective
  6. Application of Project Management System: e-Perolehan and SPP II


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