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In line with INTAN’s role as a leading public learning institute, the Registrar’s Office is responsible in planning, managing and ensuring efficient day-to-day operation as well as maintaining good governance.


The Registrar’s Office facilitate in the running of key elements which include financial management, facility development, information hub, quality, event management and protocol, human resource, printing and artworks, food and accommodation as well as specialised training for future retirees.

Here are the additional roles played by each unit/branch/ under the supervision of the Registrar’s Office;


  1. Information resource and development

  2. Management of Information

  3. Coordination of the Regional Campus’ libraries

MAIN FUNCTION: Facility Section

  1. Booking and reservation of facilities for use and transportation for official purposes

  2. Cleanliness and safety of INTAN

  3. Continuous planning, monitoring and maintenance of building and training amenities

MAIN FUNCTION: Human Resource Management Unit

  1. Appointment and filling of positions

  2. Human capital development programme

  3. Administration

  4. Matters related to Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)


Financial management, assets, trust accounts, revenue receipts and government procurement

MAIN FUNCTION: Printing Unit

Designs, graphic artworks, photocopying and printing

MAIN FUNCTION: Domestic Unit

Arranging and providing meals/accommodation for trainees and staffs

MAIN FUNCTION: Quality and Event Management Unit

  1. To plan and coordinate INTAN’s quality related programmes

  2. To plan and assist in the innovation programmes participated by INTAN

  3. Secretariat in event management


  1. Specialised in conducting trainings for future retirees

  2. Act as focal point in INTAN Putrajaya’s training courses

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INTAN’s Registrar’s Office
National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) Bukit Kiara
Jalan Bukit Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 03-2084 7227
Fax : 03-2096 2205

HR Unit : 03-2084 7209 
Finance Unit : 03-2084 7304
Printing Unit : 03-2084 7258
Domestic Unit : 03-2084 7278
Quality and Event Management Unit  : 03-2084 7352
INTAN Putrajaya : 03-8885 5696
Library : 03-2084 7263
Facility Branch : 03-2084 7298

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